Who We Are

Who, what and why

We are simply Gospel Preachers

Gospel preachers who love to teach the Word of God to anyone who wants to learn about Him. Primarily we live and work in God's Kingdom among a local group of Christians in different cities through out the U.S. Internet technology now allows us to easily expand the classroom to anyone with any desktop or mobile device. The only thing you need is an internet connection, and a desire to study the word of God.

Non denominational teaching

We do not adhere to any organized denominations or man made institutional theology. Each instructor is a dedicated bible student with 25 years or more of solid bible study. Man made creeds or doctrines are not taught in any courses offered. If you're looking for 100% bible-only studies, you've come to the right place.

Costs for these courses

Pre scheduled live courses are offered online which includes video and audio, and class interaction. Free registration is required for each course. All courses and related classes are free, at no charge at any time. Recorded classes are full courses that have been previously recorded and are free to all who register.

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