Previously Recorded Studies

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Book of Revelation

presented by Joe Works

Consisting of 13 lessons, the study looks at this book as divinely inspired, along with the rest of the bible, and uses the vantage point of comparing earlier prophetic writings to help understand and interpret John's message to the early Christians.

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Proving the Resurrection

presented by Drew De Grado

This course looks at all the empirical data and documented events surrounding this most amazing story. Historical records of both Jesus followers and those considered enemies of the movement from the first and second centuries are viewed and discussed.

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Shadows & Foreshadows

presented by Dale Smelser

Through out the Old Testament we find hundreds of passages predicting the coming Messiah and establishment of God's Kingdom. In what we call the New Testament we find its writers declaring and proving those prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus Christ. This course is presented in 11 lessons.

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